NZ Egg Throwing & Catching Championship

This event is on 12/03/2017 1:15 pm until 3:15 pm

Massey University presents the NZ Egg Throwing and Catching Championship in association with Kairanga Eggs

  • 1.15pm-2.15pm: ‘Have-a-go’ open sessions
  • 2.15-3.15pm: National Championship

Anyone can throw an egg, but who can throw one the furthest and get their teammate to catch it cleanly without getting egg on their face (or anywhere else)?

Professional athletes from the world of cricket, athletics, baseball and softball will not just compete for the third annual New Zealand Egg Throwing & Catching Championship, they’ll also be attempting a new world record.

In 2015 the surprise package of ex-ABs Jeff Wilson and Justin Marshall took the inaugural trophy with a new New Zealand record. Then NZ decathlete Brent Newdick brought along his mate Luke ‘Soft Hands’ Wainui to poach the title.

Their opponents will be out to scramble their dreams for a repeat success in 2017.

And remember – anyone caught hard-boiling will be banned for life!

Presented by: Massey University
in association with: Kairanga-Eggs-logo

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Justin Marshall & Jeff Wilson

Justin Marshall & Jeff Wilson in 2015 (pic: Dan Childs)