Records broken and record crowds for the Hilux New Zealand Rural Games

More than 30,000 people participated in Hilux New Zealand Rural Games activities in Palmerston North over the weekend.

New Zealand Rural Games Trust Chair Margaret Kouvelis says the weekend weather was nothing short of spectacular after a cool start on Friday.

“It was so fantastic to see people of all ages trying out different things from tree climbing to digger driving to gumboot throwing. We are proud that our events are free. This is only possible for the generosity of our sponsors,” says Mrs Kouvelis.

“Friday was fabulous for Feilding as thousands attended the Property Brokers Running of the Wools and that evening the Norwood New Zealand Rural Sports Awards were held in front of a sell-out crowd.”

During the Hilux New Zealand Rural Games two World Records were broken.

On Sunday evening Riki Paewai and Kris Richards knocked out a new world record in Egg Catch and Throw with a massive 85.96m throw and catch. The duo took the previous world record off fellow New Zealanders Robbie Hollander and Nick Hornstein which was set in Swanton England in 2017.

Taranaki arborist Nicky Ward-Allen broke the world record for the foot lock at 19:55 seconds – the previous world record 20.17 seconds was gained in 2015 in Tampa Florida by Jamielee Kempton. The Eltham resident has previously held the world record for the fastest footlock in 2010. Back then the competition was based on a height of 12metres, and Ward-Allen completed it in 13.26seconds in Chicago, USA. 

Hilux New Zealand Rural Games founder Steve  says the fourth annual Hilux New Zealand Rural Games was the best yet.

“Our Trust Board is focused on achieving two major aims – celebrating rural sports that helped build our nation and bring country and city kids together to help close the rural-urban divide,” says Mr Hollander.

“Every year this event grows from strength to strength. We’re now the largest event between Mystery Creek and Wellington. We’re aware the weekend brought large numbers of people to Palmerston North for the weekend with many local hotels were full and anecdotally some retailers had their biggest weekend since the New Year,” says Mr Hollander.

I want to publicly thank Toyota, Fonterra, Husqvarna, C B Norwood and Property Brokers for their unflinching support. All our sponsors and volunteers have contributed to a massive weekend of entertainment, and we have delivered an event that drew families in from across the country.”

It was fabulous to see so many sporting and media starts in town for the event – it was a real chance for young people to see their heroes and get in and have a go themselves.  I also want to thank the people of Palmerston North and Manawatu for their hospitality – everyone had a smile on their faces! Thank you.”

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Steve Hollander

Official 2018 Hilux New Zealand Rural Fames Results

Wiremark and Stockade NZ Speed Fencing Championship with Skellerup, founded by FCANZ

1st Tony Bouskill Hawke’s Bay
2nd Shane Bouskill Hawke’s Bay
3rd  Sam Burton Cambridge
4th Haydon Walton Gisborne
5th Nick Terry Waikouaiti
6th Troy Brooky King Country
7th John Graham Manawatu
8th Byrne Maxted Feilding
9th Alistair Hokamau Hawke’s Bay

 ITM Highland Games Heavies Trans-Tasman Competition 

1st Team  New Zealand
1st Kiwi Jono MacFarlane
1st Aussie Luke Reynolds

Skellerup NZ Gumboot Throwing Championship

North Island vs South Island – winner North Island 

1st Men Kieran Fowler Dunedin 41.58
2nd Men James Kellow 41.49
3rd Men Brent Newdick 40.72
1st Women Kirstin Churchward 31.61
2nd Women Ariana Hanson 28.36
3rd Women Dell Adams 27.42

HeliSolutions and Tiger Turf Olive Stone Spit 

1st Men Riki Paewai 10.72
2nd Men Clinton Thompson 10.70
3rd Men Nick Hornstein  9.95
1st Women Kayla Hyland 7.60
2nd Women Rochelle 6.50
3rd Women Nelly 6.10

Husqvarna ANZAXE Trans-Tasman Wood Chopping Championship in association with Cutting Edge Sport

1st Overall Shane Jordan NZ
2nd Overall Kody Steers Australia
3rd Overall Jack Jordan NZ
4th Overall Josh Adamson Australia
5th Overall Neil Hateley NZ
6th Overall David McIntosh Australia
7th Overall Jesse Whitehead  NZ
8th Overall Jarrod Williams Australia
Winning Sawyer Kody Steers Australia
Winning Axeman Shane Jordan NZ
Teams Event 1st New Zealand Time: 57.19
Teams Event 2nd Australia Time: 60.97

Interislander & Harness Racing – NZ Harness Gearing Up Championship

1st Place Dylan Ferguson 2.50.5
2nd Place Kyle Marshall 3.28.0
3rd Place Jay Abernethy 3.37.0

Guardian Trees and Treetech – NZ Speed Tree Climbing Trans-Tasman Championship

1st Overall Man Burton Allen-Hall Australia
1st Overall Woman Chrissy Spence New Zealand
2nd  Craig Wilson New Zealand
3rd  James Gigliotti Australia
1st  Overall Team New Zealand 316.81 points
2nd Overall Team Australia 302.29 points

Speed Tree Climbing

James Gigliotti 13.59 sec
Craig Wilson 13.92 sec
Zane Wedding 15.32 sec
Tiago de Assis Miranda  15.53 sec
Barton Allen-Hall 17.72 sec
Jamie Boston 27.39 sec
Maja Blasch 29.03 sec
Chrissy Spence 35.42 sec
Barton Allen-Hall 73.35
Craig Wilson 67.61
James Gigliotti 65.32
Jamie Boston 65.17
Chrissy Spence 64.79
Zane Wedding 64.41
Tiago de Assis Miranda 64.00
Maja Blasch 51.80

Kubota & Northfuels NZ Coal Shovelling Championship

1st  Womens Singles Julie Stechmann 1.04.29
2nd Womens Singles Dell Admas 1.06.07
3rd Womens Singles Jenny Bell Over time limit 205kg
1st Mens Singles Royce Green 26.5sec
2nd Mens Singles Daniel Brenkiou 28.81sec
3rd Mens Singles Ritchie Banks 29.84sec
1st Womens Triples

Julie Stechmann

Dora Togiaso

Jennie Bell

27.8sec West Coast Canterbury Women’s Team
2nd Womens Triples

Lizzie Golden

Kendal Templman

Jane Nuku

33.48sec Manawatu Cyclones
1st Mens Doubles Royce Green & Wayne Quine 17.02sec
2nd Mens Doubles Richie Banks & Tyrell Green 17.2sec
3rd Mens Doubles Josh Leszczuk & Curly Troon 19.23sec

Allan Scott Wines – NZ Wine Barrel Racing

1st Men Jacob Cooper Palmerston North
2nd Men Johan Roos Sth Africa
3rd Men Gerrit van Schalkwyk Sth Africa
1st Women Alysha Joseph Christchurch
2nd  Women Monique van Loon Kati Kati
3rd Women Dall Adams Taihape

FMG NZ Rural Games Sheep Dog Trials

1st Vaughan Marfell 98 points
2nd Katherine Oliver 95.5 points
3rd Paul Evans 93 points
4th Dave Stuart 92 points
5th Bo Milner 91 points
6th Brett Harvey 90 points
1st Team Wanganui 280.5 points
2nd Team Wairarapa 277 points

Farm Source – 360 Bill Tapley Memorial Cow Pat Throw Championship with Federated Farmers NZ

1st Men Brent Newdick Auckland Distance 32.4 metres
2nd Men Riki Paiwai Auckland Distance 30.8 metres
1st Women Rowena Duncum Dunedin Distance 21.2 metres
2nd Women Audrey Thompson Australia Distance 20.5 metres

Mitre10Mega Palmerston North Russian Egg Roulette

1st Trina Dalton Shannon
2nd  Marnel Hulsmann
3rd = Robbie Hollander Dairy Flat
3rd = Caitlyn Bartosh

Toyota Hilux presents NZ Speed Shear Championship 

1st   Jimmy Samuels 43.58 Over 2 Sheep in final
2nd   Jack Fagan 46.48 Over 2 Sheep in final
3rd  Rowland Smith 20.38 Over 1 sheep
4th  Digger Balme 21.34 Over 1 sheep
5th  Brett Roberts 22.82 Over 1 sheep
6th  Paerata Abraham  23.14 Over 1 sheep
7th  Floyd Neal No time
8th  Leon Samuels No time
9th  John Kirkpatrick No time
10th  Sam Welsh No time
Women’s Speed Shear 1st Female Laura Bradley 41.34 Over 3 sheep

Women’s Speed Shear

2nd Female

Emily Welsh 43.88 Over 3 sheep

Williment Travel NZ Egg Throwing and Catching Championship

1st Braden Rowe & Logan McHardy Manawatu Cricket 55m
2nd = Nick Hornstein & Robbie Hollander 50m
2nd= Ben Morley & Braden Hodgson 50m